SsangYong Tivoli




Air Bags

Driver’s frontal airbag in the front row (left and right).

ESP (Electronic Stability Program)

ESP continuously monitors vehicle directional stability and tyre traction. If the system senses the car is about to skid and risk spinning out of control, ESP automatically intervenes, applying the brakes over individual wheels to prevent loss of directional control.

ISO-FIX for child seat

ISO-FIX system is a standardised method of fitting child seats to secure the seat in the vehicle.


The new diesel engine

The SV200 delivers optimal performance for both urban and motorway driving with excellent NVH (nosie, vibration, and harshness).

Max. Power: 155ps/4,000 rpm
Max. Torque: 360Nm/2,800 rpm

5-speed E-Tronic automatic tranmission

5-speed E-Tronic tranmission is engineered to improve fuel efficiency and minimize power loss. The optimized gears ratios helps to transfer power smoothly through the gear changes, and further contributes to minimizing vibration and noise.



Air quality control system

Dual-zone air conditioning keeps passengers feeling fresh by constantyl maintaining temperature, while front seat pccupants can adjust the tempaerature to their individual requirements.

Cruise control

Provides fuel efficiency during long distance driving that can be easily activated by a level next to the steering wheel.

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